Germany Trade & Invest market report: Australia is experiencing a boom in battery storage projects

The number of large storage facilities currently in planning is soaring. The market for home battery storage is also expected to grow in 2020.  By Heiko Stumpf | GTAI Sydney  Australia is becoming a leader in large battery storage systems. The expansion of the world’s second largest lithium-ion battery was just completed in South Australia…

PODCAST | Hospitality in times of COVID

The hospitality and tourism sector have undoubtedly been among the hardest hit during the pandemic. In September, during the second lockdown and Stage 4 restrictions that we are still experiencing in Melbourne, we spoke with one of the German-Australian Chamber’s new members, The Hof Group. Philipp Hockenberger is the brand manager at the Hof Group, which includes Hofbrauhaus in Melbourne’s CBD.

Podcast Series | Meet the Board, Episode 3

In the latest episode of our ‘Meet the Board’ series, we spoke with Rebecca Lee, Managing Director at Merck Life Science. Rebecca has worked for German companies and subsidiaries for many years and knows a thing or two about differences in work culture. If you want to know more about Rebecca’s leadership philosophy, the triple bottom line, networking with peers and Rebecca’s taste for an infamous tropical fruit, have a listen!

Rolf Drohn Vice Chairman

Podcast Series | Meet the Board, Episode 2

Last week, we spoke with our vice-chairman of the board, Rolf Drohn. Rolf has been part of the German business community for over two decades and is a long-time supporter of the German-Australian Chamber. In this podcast episode, we covered quite a bit, from the value of collaboration and contribution to gender equality, ghost choirs and more.


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