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Join our Innovation and Start-Up Committee 

Be part of the change with our Innovation and Start-Up Committee. The German-Australian Chamber deepens its commitment to driving innovation and change within the German-Australian business community. We, therefore, invite our members to take part in this exciting initiative. Participation is only for members of the German-Australian Chamber.   

A big part of our role as a chamber of commerce is bringing businesses together. As a member of our committee, you can leverage our network in new ways.   

The COVID-19 situation has forced businesses to adapt quickly. This has resulted in a push towards digitalisation and innovation in many companies. At the same time, the challenging environment has forced Start-Up and Scale-Up businesses to strengthen their business cases and for research institutions such as universities to seek even closer collaboration with industry.   

To facilitate the cooperation between these vastly different groups, the committee will focus on:   

  • Connecting German-Australian businesses with relevant Start-Ups and Scale-Ups through pitch events. (think Shark Tank!) These events will be sector-specific. This will ensure that start-ups and scale-ups find the right partners to grow, and to present industry partners with innovative ideas that complement their own.   
  • Exploring opportunities for closer collaboration between industry and research institutions, which are sources of outstanding innovation in Australia.  
  • Working together to remove existing barriers in Australia which may hinder innovation – which is, after all, the driver of future prosperity.   

Are you interested in being part of this initiative? Get in touch with Dr Michael Zettinig, Director of Governmental Affairs and Communications at the German Chamber for more information. (michael.zettinig(at)

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