Australia’s Technology Investment Roadmap – the view of the German-Australian Chamber

by Christoph von Spesshardt and Dr Michael Zettinig 

Recently, the Australian Government through the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, presented a discussion paper “Australia’s Technology Investment Roadmap”. A public consultation process ran until 21 June for any organisation keen on contributing to Australia’s energy future. 

The German-Australian Chamber prepared and submitted the attached submission to this process and is looking forward to working with the Department, the Chief Scientist and other stakeholders to improve Australia’s energy system through technology investment.  

Our submission was produced in close consultation with the German-Australian Chamber Board, relevant member companies and other bilateral partners. 

We believe that there are important technologies available or soon available to address Australia’s need for sustainable, reliable and affordable energy and that the German-Australian business community and experiences and projects from Germany can significantly support Australia’s development in this key sector. 

We are putting a focus on a number of key technologies. They include hydrogen, energy efficiency, gas, insulation, battery systems, heat pumps, renewables and electric vehicles. 

Please find the details regarding those technologies in the submission document

If you have to select just one area of particularly strong bilateral interest currently, the choice would be hydrogen and particularly “green hydrogen”. Over the last few months, both Australia and now also Germany have released ambitious hydrogen strategies and there is a very strong overlap of the identified needs in Germany and what Australia is able to provide. With very significant billion-dollar public and private sector investments on hydrogen and research into green hydrogen in both countries, the future of the bilateral relationship looks bright when it comes to a successful energy future. 

Please contact us if you have feedback about the submission. 

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